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Цемент, щебень


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630009 , Novosibirsk
tel. +7 (383) 266-14-42, 266-73-25
fax +7 (383) 266-14-62

Sibniiprojectcement has completed documentation for construction of new electrostatic precipitators at JSC Novotroitsky Cement Plant (NCP)
Tuesday, 10 June 2014 00:00

This project is aimed at decrease in dust emission from current rotary kilns no. 1, 2 by replacement of the obsolete electrostatic precipitators with the new efficient ones. The works were performed in accordance with the NCP’s plan of measures to reduce negative impact of hazardous emission into the atmosphere.

Two*30 000m3/h three-field electrostatic precipitators manufactured by ELEX shall be installed for treatment of exhaust gas from kilns 1, 2. Residual dust shall not exceed 30mg/nm3.


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